Juan Bautista de Anza
Horcasitas - Departure
Yuma Crossing
    San Francisco - Arrival

Our Mission                       
To celebrate the life and times of
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza,
Presidial Captain of La Nueva España,
now Mexico, explorer, leader of the
founders of San Francisco, Ca., peace
maker and Governor of New Mexico.
This includes an annual forum to share
our research results.

These activities shall include 18th
century Spanish Colonial history, but  
not limited to, as authorized by the Board
of Directors.

Whereas, the Anza Society has held an
"Annual International Conference"  
since 1995, conferences have been held
in Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico (the home
town of the Anza Family in America); San
Francisco, Ca;  Pueblo, Colorado; Yuma,
Arizona; Hermosillo, Sonora; Santa
Barbara, California; Tucson, Arizona;
Magdalena de Kino, Sonora; Santa Fe/
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tubac/Green
Valley, Arizona; Monterey, California;
Banámichi/Arispe, Sonora; and in 2015
Pueblo, Colorado.

Message from the President


We hope you will find our website
interesting and enlightening. The site
will be available to share information
about the organization, its meetings,
upcoming events of other Anza
affilated organizations and of course,
our membership. We hope you will join
us so we may increase interest and
awareness in Juan Bautista de Anza
and Spanish Colonial history. Check
out the membership form and come
and join the fun. Do not hesitate to
e-mail us with your comments and/or
suggestions We look forward to
hearing from and having you join us!

         Circa 1995                                                      Anza Society International
Stella Cardoza
On September 16, 1775 the
meticulous Fray Pedro Font
says, "On the 16th of
September Captain Ansa
sent two soldiers to Ures to
get me and escort me, and
on the night of the same day
I arrived  at the presidio de
San Miguel de Orcasitas.
During the days that I rema-
ined here I five times obser-
ved the latitude of this
presidio, and each time I
obtained the same result
which I shall put down at the
end of the dairy, with the
difference of a few minutes.
The instrument with which I
made the observations was
an astronomical quadrant
sent by the viceroy to be
delivered to me, but Captain
Ansa kept it in his posses-
sion, not wishing to deliver it
to me, and only when it was
necessary to make an ob-
servation did he open the
box in which it came en-
cased. During these days I
became ill in my stomach,
and this illness and others
beset me throughout the
whole journey, during which
I en joyed very few days of
good health."


Anza's California Expeditions
Font's Complete Diary
H.E. Bolton, Berkeley, Ca
1775 Expedition Tidbit
Image by Charles Martin

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The 20th Annual International Conference of the Anza Society will be held in Pueblo, Co.
Stay tuned.
Phil Valdez Jr., in deep thought after having
studied the rock art in a cave on the Anza Trail.
Due to certain commitments the cave's location
can not be given.
                                              P. V.