Juan Bautista de Anza
Horcasitas - Departure
Yuma Crossing
    San Francisco - Arrival

Our Mission                       
To celebrate the life and times of
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza,
Presidial Captain of La Nueva España,
now Mexico, explorer, leader of the
founders of San Francisco, Ca., peace
maker and Governor of New Mexico.
This includes an annual forum to share
our research results.

These activities shall include 18th
century Spanish Colonial history, but  not
limited to, as authorized by the Board of

Whereas, the Anza Society has held an
"Annual International Conference"  since
1995, conferences have been held
in Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico (the home town
of the Anza Family in America); San
Francisco, Ca;  Pueblo, Colorado; Yuma,
Arizona; Hermosillo, Sonora; Santa
Barbara, California; Tucson, Arizona;
Magdalena de Kino, Sonora; Santa Fe/
Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tubac/Green
Valley, Arizona; Monterey, California;
Banámichi/Arispe, Sonora; and in 2015
Pueblo, Colorado. With Alamos, Sonora,
Mexico in 2016.
           Circa 1995                                                      Anza Society International
Stella Cardoza
1775/76 Expedition Tidbit
Image by Phil Valdez Jr

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The 21st Annual International Conference of  Anza Society International will be held in
Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Click on the Conference button.
Vladimir Guerrero, Ph.D., in his quest to learn more
about San Sebastian Marsh, where Anza and the
colonizing expedition made camp from 13th thru
17th of December 1775. Here Feliciana Arballo, a
bold widow, entertained the expedition with some
songs and dance.


Fray Pedro Font, was
foremost a theologian
who enjoyed the study of
music and one who und-
erstood the intricacy of
reading latitudes. He  
may or may have not
been suited for life in
the new world, but no
doubt, he left us with
perhaps the best diaries
ever recorded of the

Here are his last words.

As a conclusion of this
diary I protest and give
assurance that in all that
I have to say in it, I have
tried to tell the truth as
far as is permitted. I also
assert that events and
incidents which I relate,
naming persons, I have
not included in order to
defame any person or
that they may serve as a
basis for complaint.
Indeed, I have written
them solely so that may
serve as enlightenment
in similar cases, to me or
to any other person who
may happen to read this
dairy, and in order that
we may understand that
Nihil sub sole novum,
othing under the sun is
and with this
caution I conclude this
diary at the mission of
Tubutama, today, the
11th day of May, 1777.

Fray Pedro Font


Anza's California
Font's complete Dairy
H. E. Bolton, Berkeley, Ca

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